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Lead generation: The Science of Getting Customers

Lead generation

Our way of communicating has dramatically changed over the past decade. Marketing experts shift to a more digital approach to measure if their marketing efforts are working. The main focus for B2B and B2C was making people aware of the brand. At the same time, a sales team focussed on getting new customers and identifying people ready for a...

Online Strategy: You Need These 5 People.

A commercial website redesign is not a one-man job.Of course one can build an entire website, but this is not a website with high conversion (percentage of visitors who turn into leads or customers). A high conversion rate is also desirable only when the infrastructure of your website in order.Below is a list of the 5 people you need to achieve...

E-commerce: Conversion Rate.

E-commerce: conversiepercentage

Conversion is the number of visitors who reach a goal. Such as an order, fill out an application, visitors who are 3 minutes or longer on your site, viewed more than five pages, certain order value, email subscriptions and more. Conversion rate illustrates the health of an e-commerce website. If you normally have a conversion rate of 4% and it...

Viral: Persoonlijk boekenportret

Het thema van de Boekenweek 2011 was “Geschreven portretten”. Om e-mailadressen en reviews (UGC) te verzamelen heb ik een quiz gemaakt waar klanten van selexyz een persoonlijk (boeken of lees)advies krijgen. Op het einde van het boekenportret kun je tevens vrienden attenderen op de quiz. Na het maken van de quiz krijg je gelijk een e...

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