Measure QR code Campaign in 4 Steps

QR campagne meetbaar makenA QR code is a “bar code” that a smart phone user can scan. A QR Code is a bridge between traditional media and online media. You can place a measurable link from Google (step 1 and 2) in the QR code generator. By using this link to generate the QR code (step 3) different dimensions in Google Analytics will become visible.This way you can measure were the QR code works best. Google Analytics is visible from any source, medium, campaign, keyword, and if the visitors reach the site goals.You can decide if a campaign is successful by looking at the conversion rate.

Measurement example:

Two different QR codes on the front of a campaign leaflet are distinguishable via “Campaign Content”. The source is leaflet, the medium is “cover ” and the campaign name is Summer brochure.

Create a link for free to measure your campaigns. Click here to generate a link.

4 Steps

Step 1: Enter a URL to the campaign page.

Step 2: Fill in the form.

Google meetlinkStep 3: Copy the link and paste the link into the QR code generator.

QR-code genereren

Step 4: Click generate and place the QR code were you like.

There are several QR generators available. Some people ask for money, but this is nonsense. Everyone can have his own free QR code creation. In Analytics you can segment by media / source in e-commerce.You get all the relevant information. Which ad converts better or is more scanned, where is the QR code positioned, how do users navigate through the website and more.


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