E-commerce: Conversion Rate.

E-commerce: conversiepercentage

E-commerce: conversiepercentage

Conversion is the number of visitors who reach a goal. Such as an order, fill out an application, visitors who are 3 minutes or longer on your site, viewed more than five pages, certain order value, email subscriptions and more.

Conversion rate illustrates the health of an e-commerce website. If you normally have a conversion rate of 4% and it suddenly drops, check if everything is working properly. Since 4% is low a web strategist can increase your conversion rate. For non-commercial websites quality is measured by return visitors, number of page views and more. The goals of your site decide what you count as a conversion.


Easy ways to increase conversion rates

•           A voucher after a purchase;

•           Ask for a review after a purchase and even offer suggestions;

•           Incentive with a sale (Give something away);

•           White paper in exchange for information;

•           The visitors flow in Analytics to analyse where most people drop off?Optimize this bottleneck;

•           Place a discount code on some forums;

•           Tapping multiple online channels to advertise.For example, comparison websites or trade website.

•           get more e-mail addresses;

The list starts with the approaching current customer. This is always cheaper and more effective than new customers approaching. Ironically, the budget for reaching new customers is usually larger. A high conversion rate is also only desirable when the infrastructure of the e-commerce website in order.

For example if you spend 6,50 per article: shipping, packaging, system costs and procurement, don’t sell items below this price. Even in the short-term to expand your customer base, this is not recommended.

A high conversion rate in this case means you lose money faster , but a high turnover.This is the challenge of the retail sector to lower the operation costs and offer a profitable online assortment.

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