Steve Jobs

Poured his feelings in a product.

Steve Jobs

Walter Isaacson


I saw the speech of Steve Jobs at Stanford on TV. The speech was inspiring and made me curious about the person behind the image: Steve Jobs. Before I read this book, I had a different image of Jobs: a control freak, who wore black turtle-necks all his life and each morning, standing in front of the closet, still wondering what to ware. It was a man of principle, even walking barefoot through campus, looking for empty bottles to collect the deposits. He found the lessons nonsense. He followed calligraphy lessons, later used on Apple machines.

Jobs is known as the man of details: buttons, icons and flows, but he started with the concept on a global level. What do people need in the future?

What does the world need and how can it be made as easy as possible for users. It’s funny that the typical Apple user repeatedly is compared with a 6-year old, who may touch nothing. Everything from hardware to software is controlled by Apple and can not be changed. After his death, Apple seems increasingly similar to IBM or Microsoft.The launch of new products is important to keep sales high, but not more innovative products. This biography ends with his death.

A struggle within Apple, with Wozniak (creator of apple software) and in the PC market with Bill Gates.

Apple now uses Intel processors, not really in line with Steve’s legacy.The development of the interface that we know today in the Mac and Windows is also mentioned in the book. Steve accused Bill that he stole the idea of a graphical interface, but they both had stolen the idea from Xerox. The designs of Apple were made by Frog Design.For me, Steve is a visionary, who surrounds himself with the right people.

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