Ideas Are Free.

How the Idea Revolution Is Liberating People and Transforming.

Simple ideas save time, effort and money. Most people see opportunities that managers do not see. “Ideas are free ‘is a beautiful book about the idea-revolution in businesses.The idea-revolution affects customer experience, management and overall culture of a company. Management would like to implement big ideas, but they are easy to copy. Small ideas are often calibrated on the structure and USP’s of the company and are easily implemented. Small ideas are not copyable. InShared move customers to generate ideas in the field of burglary. They give the winner a free insurance. All other customers will benefit, because the ideas save InShared money. InShared advertises that they will give some money back to the customers how haven’t reimbursed anything. This approach creates involvement and support their marketing pillars.

There are several reasons why employees send ideas: appreciation, have an impact on the company, eliminate frustrating elements of their work and a cash prize.
Offer rewards to employees to exchange ideas seem fair, but there are some drawbacks: the team is feeling ignored, evaluation within the company is almost impossible and the value of an idea is difficult to estimate. For this reason, it is important that there is a structure for ideas: an idea-system.

A system only works when people are held accountable for their role. Which employees provide input, which managers receive them and how quickly it responded to an idea. Managers must make sure that an idea will be implemented quickly with the right resources.

Buy this book and think of your own ideas system, save time, effort and money.

The authors of the book also have their own website:

The message is collecting ideas from employees, implementing, improving culture and idea-revolution begins! This message does not fit with their website, my suggestion is to make the website radiate the same core values in: design, interactivity and community. I sent them an e-mail with suggestions. Didn’t get a response… I guess they have to work on their own system;)

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