Google Insight: Consumers.

Google InsightGoogle Insight is a cool unexplored tool.You can compare search volume patterns (the customer demand) with your own keywords.Discover the trend by region, category and keyword. Compare the keywords with the competition or the entire market.

In Google Analytics, you will find a report about search engine optimization. In this report you can see how often your pages load (impressions) and how often users will click-through to other pages on your website. Based on this, you can optimize the website.

When the customer demand is clear, update the items or text offered on the website. Suppose you want to create a website about social media, and want to know where people’s interests. Last year (2011) are these keywords were popular:
Google Insight Keywords

“The disadvantages of social media” is on top of this list. These searches were becoming more popular. Perhaps you can come to a small search volume when you write an article with relevant information.

How it Works

You see that even in the year 2012 the exact definition of “social media” is known. People would also like to know the disadvantages of social media.

The disadvantage is that these figures are percentages. Therefore it is best to also use the keyword tool for the approximate search volume in an absolute number. The exact term (without words before or after it) delivers around 500 searches per month. The relative expression(in words before or after it) produces around 1300 queries. This would be a Niche Market you can target with your website.

You can also create different landing pages on different topics. Test what the demand of the customer is and facilitate his needs.

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