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This website offers you insight into the psychology behind decisions and marketing. I’m educationally omnivorous and graze at topics daily. Feel free to connect with me on Linkedin.

About me - Cindy Crijns

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The Beginning

My life started in the South of the Netherlands. I envisioned myself as an artist living in a small house, painting art. So I applied at the art academy in Maastricht and got accepted. Yet being there for a while – it wasn’t what I expected it to be. I was more interested in technology. So I decided to quit and I was looking for a challenge to learn more about technology and design. I found it in the Hague: communication multimedia design. It focuses on marketing communication; building marketing campaigns with various channels to reach and engage the target audience.

My Passion

Today I’m working at Huawei Technologies Enterprise Western Europe as Digital Marketing Manager. Huawei is a global company with solutions which help people connect all over the world. Check out this cool video.

Previously, I worked at ReachLocal as European Marketing Manager and at Selexyz bookstores. At Selexyz I learned about the relationship between internet and the physical stores. Also about the difficulties of both sales channels combined with high ambitions. Re-positioning companies, such as Selexyz, is one of the main challenges in the future. From broad conceptual thinking to details: trends in markets, scalability and lead generation.

Every year I set goals for myself and write them on my living room wall. A constant reminder of my goals, divided in quarters. In 2016 my main focus will be, as the last three years, marketing automation and analysing data to calculate the ROI of the marketing department. This is the future.

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