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Does Customer Loyalty Exist?

Does the loyal customer exist?

People are overwhelmed with choices.When I’m enthusiastic about a product or service I insist, that other people explore the option. Loyal customers spread the word, aren’t lured away via discount, marketing costs go down & sales go up. Not all customers are the same, some are more valuable than others. This is why you have to identify...

How Do We Make Choices?


To give customers the feeling of control, you have to give them choices. Without choices people feel powerless and they are less willing to make a purchase. Sheena Iyengar is a professor at Columbia University and has done several experiments to discover motives behind choices. One of these experiments is done with different jars. At the entrance...

History: Survival of the Happiest.


History tells a lot about the present and the future. It gives insight into behaviour and events. It teaches me to reflect and revise decisions. Today most people have access to the internet this influences how we talk to each other, behave and spend our time. Most of us speak and write English, which can be read for generations all over the globe...

Influence: Psychology and Marketing

Caldini- influence

Psychology and Marketing. Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, Revised Edition Robert Cialdini 5 This book is everywhere, everyone references it. I wish they also covered this at school. It has many insights on how to persuade a consumer. After reading this you start to see how this applies all around you each day. What motivates someone to...

Co-Creation and Marketing.


As company you can’t focus on everything. Asking other sources for ideas and innovation can help the marketing department to be omni-focussed. Co-creation involves the customer in the development of a product or brand experience and consequently perceived value. Co-creation is a marketing tool that utilizes customer feedback. It results in...

Reviews: Strengthen Your Brand


When you search the Internet you’ll find ratings and reviews from customers/ambassadors of your company.This can be positive or negative reviews. Negative reviews are not bad for business, when it comes to unknown products. People become aware of  a product, remember the product and possibly make a purchase. in the orientation process other...

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