Topic book review

Ideas Are Free.


How the Idea Revolution Is Liberating People and Transforming. Ideas Are Free: How the Idea Revolution Is Liberating People and Transforming Organizations Robinson, Schroeder 4 Simple ideas save time, effort and money. Most people see opportunities that managers do not see. “Ideas are free ‘is a beautiful book about the idea-revolution...

Steve Jobs


Poured his feelings in a product. Steve Jobs Walter Isaacson 3 I saw the speech of Steve Jobs at Stanford on TV. The speech was inspiring and made me curious about the person behind the image: Steve Jobs. Before I read this book, I had a different image of Jobs: a control freak, who wore black turtle-necks all his life and each morning, standing...

Nineteen Eighty-Four


BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU. Nineteen Eighty-Four George Orwell 5 The book is written after the Second World War. This reflects in the story. There are several parallels between the book and the ‘real’ world. A political party governs and indoctrinate people with the story that there is a war. They must comply with the rules of the...

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