Reviews: Strengthen Your Brand

RecensiesWhen you search the Internet you’ll find ratings and reviews from customers/ambassadors of your company.This can be positive or negative reviews. Negative reviews are not bad for business, when it comes to unknown products. People become aware of  a product, remember the product and possibly make a purchase. in the orientation process other people’s experience is a great tool for consumers. Reviews on your website improve SEO, usability and customer loyalty.

Through reviews on the internet you can identify customers and give a reward if they continue efforts to strengthen the brand. Reviews are useful for a company and for the customer. Consider the following points to improve your reviews:

1. User Experience (UX)

  •  Advise related products to customers.Refer to another (web) shop, which sells related products that you do not offer. It enhances the user experience and provides opportunities to barter and reach a new audience.
  • Create your own review videos or ask customers to send in their video reviews.Amateur videos generate trust with the customer.

2. Conversion

  • Create a table in which your products are compared.This enhances the customer experience and conversion. This way customers do not have to click between pages.
  • Product Comparisons can also be applied in the shopping basket to create an up-sell moment.

3. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

  • Ensure reviews also appear if you have JavaScript disabled, otherwise the search engines can’t index these reviews.
  •  Don’t load reviews in an iframe.Search engines load this as a separate page.

Companies are increasingly dominating the reviews. They post fake reviews to create a fake-image. Trust is hard to get and a bad reputation spreads 10 times faster than a good reputation.

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