Design Your Google Ranking.


As the topics of SEO, page rankings and algorithms become more of a commonplace in the business world. While many have heard of the topic, majority of businesses are focused on the social media craze trying to gather likes in Facebook or making connections on Twitter. If you want to catapult past the competition, now is the time to make the results shown on that SERP appear with maximized efficiency. The SERP (Search Engine Search Results) is the page on Google that displays your search results. To ‘design’ the search results rich snippets are added to your website. Rich snippets are easy to implement and your ability to incorporate them could mean the difference of posting minimal gains for net revenue this quarter and higher conversions.

Explaining Rich Snippets

Do I have your attention now? Rich snippets are Google’s way of helping to elaborate how your website helps the user with the problem they searched for. For example, users search for their query, such as:

“The Innovators Solution”

Upon successful implantation of rich snippets, a review website will show your websites rating of this book using the 5-star rating system. It can also display a picture of the author, extra images, location information or display high traffic pages. This communicates to the user that your website is exactly what they were looking for, providing you with a lower bounce rate and happier clients.

Ultimately, this transparency helps bring the user a better user experience and will be what sets you apart from the others and provides you with more commercial space on the page.

For more information on how to boost your reviews login to Google.

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