Are You Ready for Multi-screen Users?

multiscreen users

Compared to their European neighbors, Dutch people access the Internet almost every day. 9 out of 10 people use the internet daily, using several devices. According to Google’s Consumer Barometer, 100% of people under 25 use the Internet daily and on three different devices. Young people take the lead when it comes to the use of smartphones, but they are being used widely across all age groups. Is your college or university ready for the multi-screen world?
Dutch universities are among the best in the world. To hold on to that position, it is essential to invest in new developments, such as “the Internet of things”—where any device can be used to communicate with the world around us. If Dutch schools are to hold on their leading position, their infrastructure must be able to support collaboration between students and research facilities.

Design & infrastructure Impact

These days, students access school applications on their mobile phones and tablets. For example, students can look up their schedule on a tablet, but can also decide to check it on a desktop later. Mobile devices need to have different navigation options, adjusted copy, and clean imagery. If not, the abandonment rates will be higher. Furthermore, the means of interaction can vary depending on the device students use. Next to keyboards and touchscreens, students can also use voice control for example.

Radboud University Nijmegen, one of the Netherlands’ top universities, used to have a student portal that was not mobile-friendly and whose information was not centrally managed. Best-in-breed portals maks it easy to centralize information on any device cost-effectively. Having one single portal infrastructure helped Radboud University offer students and employees a better user experience.

Scalable enterprise solutions for any device

Responsive web design delivers a nice page layout for multi-screen users and improves the interacting experience with your systems. Check to see if you are ready for multi-screen users.

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