Lead generation: The Science of Getting Customers

Lead generation

Our way of communicating has dramatically changed over the past decade. Marketing experts shift to a more digital approach to measure if their marketing efforts are working. The main focus for B2B and B2C was making people aware of the brand. While a sales team focussed on getting new customers and identifying people who are ready for a conversation.

The customer experience wasn’t top notch, because people were bothered with a product or service they didn’t need. The Marketing department today detects needs and provides information to create more interest until the potential customer is ready for a conversation.

For example the BMW museum in Munich is visited by fans all over the world. People who visit BMW can sit in their favourite car, get more information, customize the car, basically naming the animal. When people leave the customised dream car is offered. This is the ultimate customer experience (also visit the many breweries, that is something else too).

Today’s customer journey in a nutshell

People have a need or hear about a product or service they like. When their interest is peeked they search online, ask friends are click on ads. Once they found a company they will potentially subscribe to their newsletter or connect via social media. Overtime a potential customer will receive valuable information surrounding products or services they showed interest in. This enables the marketer to stay top-of-mind and provide key information to make a purchase decision.

So when is a customer ready to buy?

This depends on the business. For B2B it’s looking at reviews, white papers, the contact page engaging with the company a couple of times. Each action is given a score, when the score is high enough it will be transferred to the sales department. The resulting conversation with the sales department will involve contracts, pricing, and service levels. It will rest on a foundation of buyer information that has been built in the earlier stages of the lead generation process. For B2C it’s for example engagement with the website and if products are placed in the shopping cart.

Customer loyalty

Although the title of this article is “getting customers”, I do want to point out that your current customers are the money makers. The money spend on getting a new customer is greater, then making an offer to your current customer. Cross-selling services and products to your customer needs will also increase his loyalty to you.

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