How-To Create a High-converting Site Search.

The site search function on websites is used to navigate by about 30 percent of the visitors. Over 50 percent of these visitors will be consumers who may make a purchase, according to Econsultancy. Many would-be customers are more likely to search a site for an item rather than navigate a site using a hierarchy of links. This is based on a user’s behaviour. A good high-converting site search added to a website has the capability to boost conversion rates, increase site use, and increase sales. Review a few of the essentials that are needed when adding site search to a website.

Search Results Page

The results that appear to users is central to the website search experience. This is the reason why a results page needs to be organized and well-planned. One aspect to keep in mind is the results page displays all the results of a user’s query, but will also act as a form of interaction with the customer.

Relevant Results

The results returned to a visitor need to be relevant to their search query. This means the various items displayed to the visitor need to be closely related to the words or query terms in the search. One aspect of a keyword-based site search is not being able to display related items. A site search function which is able to understand the intention of the user will produce the best results.

Query Reformation

Many consumers or visitors to an eCommerce site may actually perform multiple searches. This means they may refine their search based on the results of their queries. A good site search needs to help visitors with their search by offering various suggestions. This can include alternate spellings or plural options.

Result Filtering

Visitors using a site search feature may want to filter the results of their query. This means a site search will need to include this option for potential customers. Basic filtering might be by low or high prices, size, alphabetically, and any other attributes of a product. The goal is to help visitors refine the items that will appear on their search results page. One way to do this is to present filter options prior to performing a search.

Product Reviews Many shoppers today will often read through reviews before making a purchase. This means that a site search needs to include product reviews on the results page. If a top search result has high marks that result from multiple reviews, then a sale will be more likely to occur.

Call To Action Presenting a call to action to users from a search results page is a great way to increase sales. Adding a buy now button or an add-to-cart button is the best way to achieve this outcome. The goal is to allow a consumer an easy way to complete the selection and checkout process.

There are many features to take into account when adding a site search feature to a website. Adding the necessary features will be the best way to see positive results. A user’s behaviour can also be affected.

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