Purple Cow.


Most companies want to play it safe. If you are different some people won’t like you. Companies need to stand out in order to sell something. They need a purple cow.

It’s called ‘Purple Cow’ because a purple cow stands out from ordinary cows. It’s remarkable and worth mentioning. That’s why idea’s need to be purple cows, so that people will talk about them. An example in the book is the office chair. An ordinary product, competing in price. The Aeron chair is 700 dollars, looked different and was positioned as ‘good’ for the employees health. The Aeron chair is a purple cow in the office furniture industry. The first time I heart of purple cow I immediately thought of Milka chocolate. They use purple cows for their chocolate(of course not really)…

This book is essentially one strategy to market and design products and services. It’s small(180 pages) and reads easily. This book is great for entrepreneurs how advertise in the traditional way. If you’re interested in this topic also read “The Innovator’s Solution” written by Christensen and Rayno. The Innovator’s Solution contains more strategies and wrinkled my brain. It’s not about creating new products, but doing something different than the market. For instance when a software vertical is expensive and complicated, make a cheaper and easy version for a different target audience.

Seth Godin is a marketing Guru, who also wrote lots of other books such as: Permission Marketing and Tribes. He also has a blog with short messages each day.

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