Online Strategy: You Need These 5 People.

Online strategie: deze 5 mensen heb je nodigA commercial website redesign is not a one-man job.Of course one can build an entire website, but this is not a website with high conversion (percentage of visitors who turn into leads or customers).

A high conversion rate is also desirable only when the infrastructure of your website in order.Below is a list of the 5 people you need to achieve the goals in your online strategy:

1 – Web Strategist

The business goals and the needs of visitors to the website are written by the web strategist. It is easy for the competitor to imitate, but a real strategist makes an overall website strategy and a site map, where the rest of the development team adheres to.

After the development or redesign of a site, analyse the traffic to decide which channels need optimizing to attract more leads or other conversions. Enhance the website with A / B testing or click-flows to guarantee a high conversion. Conversion can mean anything, this is the purpose of the website.This could be such as: paid customers, email subscription, visitors staying longer than 10 minutes on the site and more.

2 – Graphic Designer

The graphic design of the corporate strategy, the website must support a clear flow through the site creation. No on-the-fly marketing landing pages with 100 references scattered throughout the site, which generate nothing, but also undermine the flow and website strategy.

3 – Copywriter

The web is mostly dominated by pictures, but powerful short texts are essential. No literary masterpieces, but short on customer-oriented pieces of text, which lead the customer through the funnel.

4 – Programmer

Your brilliant plan, you want to this reality. In terms of marketing, but also for the processes of the site. Such as shopping cart, e-mail handling, internal search engine, widgets en more. You can always hire external people, but these are expensive and you don’t know if they’re any good.

5 – Digital Marketeer

When you have the perfect site: a website with a strategy, good processes, visitor flow, infrastructure and design, you need the right visitors. Visitors also make a purchase or subscribe to your service. The marketer ensures to bring in customers and leads in a cost effective way.

In Conclusion

Before you do your web project yourself or let a design agency do it for you, ask yourself how you fill these roles.

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