Nineteen Eighty-Four



Nineteen Eighty-Four

George Orwell


The book is written after the Second World War. This reflects in the story. There are several parallels between the book and the ‘real’ world. A political party governs and indoctrinate people with the story that there is a war. They must comply with the rules of the party.

The world is divided into three great powers: Oceania, Eurasia, and Eustasia. The three powers are constantly at war. In Oceania is Big Brother and his party have absolute power.The party will be monitored day and night by remote screens, a kind of TVs with built-in camera.Big Brother changes the meaning of words and compresses the English language. As a result, the formation of different views are made impossible. Winston Smith, the main character, lives in Oceania. He does not believe in the truth of the party and is not the only one …

A prophetic story that everyone should read. The topics are timeless: totalitarian regimes, privacy and the power of education. Is all information reliable?

In a time when employers and insurers want to know if your “healthy”. In this time when NRC, NOS, FD picking things from Wikipedia, driven by sensation instead of “news”. Banks are kept alive artificially , but not 70,000 social workplaces. Banks that probably sold mortgages to those 70,000 people. I’m not saying it is as bad / as in the book, but there are certainly parallels with today.

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