How to Improve Your Buyer’s Journey.

Costumers connect with businesses through more channels than ever before. It is therefore important to identify what channels and content are being used to find and buy your solution. Focus on those key moments that can help inspire people to buy your product or service. The goal of your marketing efforts determines what channels, content – and social marketing tactics your business should use.

For example, in order to create awareness some businesses provide a lot of “how-to” information; but have no product pages and reviews (down-the-funnel information to sell). They can create content and be present in the channels that convert a user to a paying customer.

Multichannel & cross-channel

Every time a potential customer visits your channels, their interest in your solution increases. The channels that are effective are different per vertical. You can use Google Think to see what channel mix (combination of channels) works for your business. Even though “Google Think” shows the combination of channels businesses use these days, this might not be the best combination for your vertical. When you see the following sales channels in Google’s graph, referral, direct or “Brand search”, consider switching to U.S. or a large company. While these three sales channels are effective, they are also slightly old-fashioned. You can use more channels to reach people and attract new customers. You can find more channels to guide your customers’ journey in the image of the buyer’s matrix below.

Content marketing

Many sales organisations provide “down-the-funnel” information, such as product sheets and reviews, but not “top-of-funnel” content to attract new customers. People at the beginning of the customer’s journey have different questions than people who are ready to buy.


Social marketing

Attracting new leads via social media is very effective. First of all, it is cheaper than Google AdWords. Secondly, it allows you to divide your audience into segments. Personally, I also use it to attract new people to events – you can attract new leads and pay as little as one euro per lead. Once people become a fan, you can direct your marketing efforts towards them and stay top-of-mind.

Buyer’s Journey Matrix

Find out what you can do today to achieve your marketing goals. Check out the “buyer’s journey matrix” to determine what content, social media and channels you can use to reach your goals.


Marketing funnel and KPIs

From a customer’s perspective, people become aware of new products and services through different channels. This is measured in visits, page depth and time spent on page. If the user interacts with the channels, enters e-mail address and fits the target audience, the user is counted as an MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead). The sales rep picks up the lead and the lead is measured as an SAL (Sales Accepted Lead). When the lead becomes a customer, the LCV, (Lifetime Customer Value) is measured to predict the net profit per customer. LCV is an important metric to shift the focus from quarterly profits to the long-term customer relationships.


Generating leads that fit your target audience and setting expectations in the buyer stages create loyal customers. Loyal customers will improve your ROI and make your business successful.

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