Babysteps – Haags Dierencentrum

DogFor months, I’m going almost every weekend to the animal shelter (Haags Dierencentrum). In the beginning the dogs were loud and didn’t look too friendly. As time passed they started recognizing me, and I bonded with a few dogs. Some of which found a new family, however not all. Others get so sad they hurt themselves or others, and are put to sleep.

In moments of desperation, you wonder what the added value is. If somehow you couldn’t have done more; you want to help every dog in the shelter.

One Sunday- Jens, a dog in the shelter- wasn’t there anymore. I tormented myself about all the different scenario’s in which Jens’s ending was more fortunate. I wanted to ask more questions to the staff, but decide not to.

They want what is best for dogs – make sure they are comfortable. By the way, I believe that colorful characters who bring their dog with not a lot of tact to the shelter, also want what’s best for the dog. They might express it in an unfortunate manner. We all want the same: what we think is best for the dog.

I try to look at it from a different perspective. We can’t help every dog, but we can help some. It has no use being disappointed if it all goes differently than expected. It’s best to focus on things we can influence, and enjoy the successes. Think of all the dogs that have new families – thanks to the staff at Haags Dierencentrum.

You can help by spending time in the shelter or become a patreon.

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