5 Resources for every Marketing Professional

The internet is an amazing place, a collective brain with all the information in the world and cat pictures. Having said that, these top 5 services are jewels which i visit regularly. Some of these services have an amazing app, which makes it digestible on the road.

librivoxLibriVox posts audio books recorded by volunteers. The goal of LibriVox is to make all books in the public domain available as free audio books on the web. These are mostly classics. I do recommend downloading an app for your phone which rates the recordings. People exhaling in the middle of a sentence and/or going ‘up’ at the end of a sentence does begin to irritate after a while. Reading audio books turns out to be a great skill.

is one of my favourite websites. They have hundreds of high quality courses and each week a dozen more. I use it always before i start a project to see how other companies handle it and to download templates. It’s a great starting place to see examples and a place to touch up you extensive knowledge. You can get lost forever, and on every topic concerning each department. You can find courses on tools, career development, HR, legal, branding, IT, Sales, Soft skills you name it. The only con is that they only accept credit card. Maybe i should make a course on paying options and subscriptions and send it to them.

getabstractgetabstract summarizes new business books. Although kinda pricey for 100 Euro a month, you’ll get the latest business news and book summaries in all formats(PDF, audio or in-app reader). When you want to learn more about a topic you download 3 to 5 summaries to get the general thoughts in the industry and pick a book to read. Big time saver to get you up to speed quickly.

scoreSCORE.org contains everything you need to know about being an SMB (small to medium size business). Although it’s mainly US focussed, most things are universal. Like TED and LibriVox it’s build by skilful volunteers. Again, you can get lost here to, forever, never to return.

TED is a free source of inspiration for entrepreneurs and people with a background in business and science. Probably the most known amongst students and business people. However does deserve a place in this list, because these video’s are like catnip to me. Check out this videolist Kickstart your creativity to get started. Also check out ted-ed to make your own talk. Build a lesson around any TED-Ed Original, TED Talk or YouTube video

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