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History: Survival of the Happiest.

History tells a lot about the present and the future. It gives insight into behaviour and events. It teaches me to reflect and revise decisions. Today most people have access to the internet this influences how we talk to each other, behave and...

Caldini- influence

Influence: Psychology and Marketing

Psychology and Marketing. Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion Robert Cialdini 5 This book is everywhere, everyone references it. I wish they also covered this at school. It has many insights on how to persuade a consumer. After reading...


Purple Cow.

Remarkable Marketing. Purple Cow Seth Godin 4 Most companies want to play it safe. If you are different some people won’t like you. Companies need to stand out in order to sell something. They need a purple cow. It’s called ‘Purple...


Ideas Are Free.

How the Idea Revolution Is Liberating People and Transforming. Ideas Are Free Robinson, Schroeder 4 Simple ideas save time, effort and money. Most people see opportunities that managers do not see. “Ideas are free ‘is a...


Steve Jobs

Poured his feelings in a product. Steve Jobs Walter Isaacson 3 I saw the speech of Steve Jobs at Stanford on TV. The speech was inspiring and made me curious about the person behind the image: Steve Jobs. Before I read this book, I had a...

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