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atonomy of economies

Economies Around the World

Today marketers shift from using features to benefits to market a service. There is a lot of buzz about storytelling, gamification, providing a better customer experience and creating shareable educational content. These are all part of...


Babysteps – Haags Dierencentrum

For months, I’m going almost every weekend to the animal shelter (Haags Dierencentrum). In the beginning the dogs were loud and didn’t look too friendly. As time passed they started recognizing me, and I bonded with a few dogs. Some of...


3 reasons why being human is hip

Autonomous cars are driving across our highways. And a machine performs heart surgery. Machines are taking part in our lives. This year there are movies about robots, whom act like humans. Robots are portrait as even better than humans...


2015: Top 5 Services You Should Know

The internet is an amazing place, a collective brain with all the information in the world and cat pictures. Having said that, these top 5 services are jewels which i visit regularly. Some of these services have an amazing app, which makes it...

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