Echoes Of Life.


Like starlight, the effect of your actions take time to reach it’s destination. When a star dies it explodes and the light lives on. The light echoes across the universe illuminating the dust and gas around the star which otherwise would not be visible. Like a star your light lives on. What you do today, might not have it’s immediate...



Using Brain Science to Get the Best from Your People Shine: Using Brain Science to Get the Best from Your People Edward M. Hallowell 4 Psychiatrist Edward M. Hallowell explains the science behind human motivation to bring out the best in people,allowing them to “shine” in their everyday work. People seem disconnected and they don’t need to be...

lead Generation: Target Audience & Engage

Lead generation - target audience

It’s more important than ever for companies to identify their preferred target audience, and B2B lead generation is proving to be an effective and attractive solution. Whatever the size of your company or whatever business you’re in, finding the right clients for your product or service can mean the difference between success and...

Forming Habits

featured image-habits

In the past, I started asking the question, “Why are some people more successful than others?” Over time, the solutions came me, one after the other, and steadily crystallized into an easy explanation. Everything that you are or ever can be is up to you. You can take full controll of your future by taking full control of your ideas, phrases and...

How Do We Make Choices?


To give customers the feeling of control, you have to give them choices. Without choices people feel powerless and they are less willing to make a purchase. Sheena Iyengar is a professor at Columbia University and has done several experiments to discover motives behind choices. One of these experiments is done with different jars. At the entrance...

History: Survival of the Happiest.


History tells a lot about the present and the future. It gives insight into behaviour and events. It teaches me to reflect and revise decisions. Today most people have access to the internet this influences how we talk to each other, behave and spend our time. Most of us speak and write English, which can be read for generations all over the globe...

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