The Allegory of the Cave

plato allegory of the cave

Get out of the cave and learn. Allegory of the Cave Plato 4 Plato explains the Dunning-Kruger effect (it’s probably the other way around).  If you are knowledgeable about a topic you tend to think you are an expert. So, people who didn’t learn for a test think they performed on average. If you are an expert, you tend to be humbler. I’m...

How to Improve Your Buyer’s Journey.


Costumers connect with businesses through more channels than ever before. It is therefore important to identify what channels and content are being used to find and buy your solution. Focus on those key moments that can help inspire people to buy your product or service. The goal of your marketing efforts determines what channels, content –...

How to Sell: Value, Benefits or Features?

atonomy of economies

Today marketers shift from using features to benefits to market a service. There is a lot of buzz about storytelling, gamification, providing a better customer experience and creating shareable educational content. These are all part of different tactics to market a product. Why do companies use these methods? A pragmatic answer is to get more...

Personal Branding – Your Designed Portrait

strong personal brand

Nine seconds is the average attention span of people today. This influences how you attract business, close deals and build loyalty. Personal branding is an integral part of business in today’s marketplace. It isn’t about boasting or puffing yourself up. It is an honest pitch, that will differentiate you from the global marketplace. A...

Babysteps – Haags Dierencentrum


For months, I’m going almost every weekend to the animal shelter (Haags Dierencentrum). In the beginning the dogs were loud and didn’t look too friendly. As time passed they started recognizing me, and I bonded with a few dogs. Some of which found a new family, however not all. Others get so sad they hurt themselves or others, and are put to sleep...

3 reasons why being human is hip


Autonomous cars are driving across our highways. And a machine performs heart surgery. Machines are taking part in our lives. This year there are movies about robots, whom act like humans. Robots are portrait as even better than humans, such as Age of Ultron and Ex Machina. This can make you feel unconformable. Especially when you know money is...

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