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3 reasons why being human is hip

Autonomous cars are driving across our highways and a heart can be operated on via machines with less mistakes. Machines are increasingly taking part in our lives. This year there are a lot of movies about robots, whom act just like humans and...

money is trust

Money Revisited

Jigs up! Money isn’t real – it’s a digital number.  The reason you aren’t running this second to the bank is because you trust them. Warren Buffett, Berkshire Hathaway CEO, acquired McLane Distribution from Wal-Mart for $23 billion...

Lead generation

Lead generation: The Science of Getting...

Our way of communicating has dramatically changed over the past decade. Marketing experts shift to a more digital approach to measure if their marketing efforts are working. The main focus for B2B and B2C was making people aware of the brand...


2015: Top 5 Services You Should Know

The internet is an amazing place, a collective brain with all the information in the world and cat pictures. Having said that, these top 5 services are jewels which i visit regularly. Some of these services have an amazing app, which makes it...

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